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BLADESMITH Multi-Purpose Butcher Knife 7 Inch Wenge Wood Handle

BLADESMITH Multi-Purpose Butcher Knife 7 Inch Wenge Wood Handle

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About this item

  • BLADESMITH Butcher Boning Knife for Meat Cutting - 7'' Forged Sharp Multi-Purpose Butcher Chef Knife for De-Boning/Slicing/Cutting/Mincing at Slaughter House/Restaurant/Kitchen, Wenge Wood Handle
  • ①【Curve Design for Boning & Slicing】Try this curved blade boning knife! Stunning! The special curved edge is very suitable to scoring a cut on the meat and then you can de-boning meat off bones by following this cut. Along the edge arc, the meat will be separated from bone smoothly. What’s more, compared to the slender boning knife, this butcher chef knife with broad blade can slice and cut food more effortlessly. Solve your worries about changing the knife to slice meat.
  • ②【What Can It Be Used to Do?】Sharp Enough. Multi-purpose. First, as a boning knife, it can be used to deboning, preparing, filleting, skinning, trimming. Second, as a slicing knife, the effortless blade and sharp edge help you cut and slicing food easily. Third, the curved edge can help you do rocking work without the edge leaving cutting board. So you can mince meat and chop vegetable easily.
  • ③【High Hardness & Sharpness】Our knife is made of high carbon steel that has wear-resistance,corrosion-resistance and long-lasting performance.After repeated manual forging and quenching, the density and purity of the steel are improved, so that the hardness and sharpness of the blade are greatly improved. Cut everything like butter and Not easy to crack & blunt. Unique hammered texture on the blade make the kitchen knife beautiful and help to prevent foods from sticking.
  • ④【Exquisite Workmanship】Our knife is produced by professional workers with abundant knife-making experience. In the quenching - hammer -tempering- clamping steel - hammer -quenching- tempering and other continuous cycle operations. This operation guarantees the hardness and sharpness of this kitchen knife. And the full tang ergonomics handle give you a comfortable and stable grip. If uses it correctly. You can use this kitchen knife 15--20 years.
  • ⑤【BLADESMITH】- We want you to enjoy your cooking and any cutting work with our knives. You are welcome to contact us when you have any problem, we will reply ASAP and we offer 100% satisfactory solution.
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