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BLADESMITH Small Chinese Knives High Carbon Steel

BLADESMITH Small Chinese Knives High Carbon Steel

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About this item

  • BLADESMITH Kitchen Cleaver Knife, Small Chinese Chef`s Knives - Big Japanese Nakiri - Forged Blader - High Carbon Steel - Meat and Veggie Chopping/Chopper with PakkaWood Handle
  • 🧐【Durable? Rusted? Easy To Clean?】 This cleaver is crafted with 5CrMoV15 high carbon steel, stay sharp, high strength, durable definitely. You don't need to worry about rusting if you clean and dry it after each using, yet please don't put it in Dishwasher. Also, Easy To Clean! Just clean it as cleaning common knife! Simple so it is! Mini food won’t hide in the hollow!
  • ✨【Sharp to The End】V-Shape blade, thin edge, sharp and durable, easy to grind. 🥛 Using our chefs knife to cut or chop, you will feel integrated with the knife together to separate ingredients easily as if milk is flowing on the soft silk. Yes. It's indeed so silky sharp - Very smoothly and easily to cut. You know, only after more than 200 sharpness tests, can our forging craftsmen satisfy with the sharpness and use feeling of this knife.
  • ❤️【Elegant Design】This cleaver knife is not bulky! Not titanic! Very easy to control! It looks like Nakiri Knife, but wider than normal Nakiri. Its size is especially suitable for women to cut and slice without fatigue. And the hammered blade adds a retro elegance. Looks more professional! 🎁 Perfect gift for wife and mother.
  • 🖐️【Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle】Pakkawood has good corrosion resistance and anti-crack performance. And ergonomic design can provide comfortable operation and effectively prevent from slippery, you'll feel balanced when holding it.
  • ❤️【What Can It Do】 You can use it cutting and slicing meat, vegetable and fruit etc. But don't use it to cut thick bones. Only can deal with some soft and small bones such as chicken wing, chicken claw and other soft bones.
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