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Kitory Butcher Boning Knife 7 Inch High Carbon Steel

Kitory Butcher Boning Knife 7 Inch High Carbon Steel

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  • KITORY Butcher Boning Knife 7'' Forged Heavy Duty Cleaver Vegetable Meat Chopper Chopping Knife High Carbon Steel Meat Cleaver Butcher Chef Knife for Kitchen, BBQ, Camping
  • 🥩【Forged 7'' Butcher Boning Knife】Butcher Boning Knife has absorbed Chinese ancient knife-making technology. Our Butcher Knife blade is hand forged by Chinese experienced workers which makes our knife stronger. Besides, hand hammered blade and natural rosewood handle make our knife more exquisite. Our large butcher knife extremely is good at boning and slaughtering meat for butcher, also for slicing, and dicing with meat ,chopping small cartilage bone.
  • 🥓【 Full Tang Exquisite Hammered Blade】The chopper knife blade is made of high carbon stainless steel. After forging and quenching by hand, the molecular arrangement in the steel becomes closer, which gives Butcher knife blade excellent hardness and edge retention. The full tang structure, which is different from general chef knife welding handle, will not break after long-term use. Handmade hammered blade is very exquisite and let us enjoy cooking. Handmade double edge is sharper and solider.
  • 🥒【Rosewood Ergonomic Handle】Our vegetable meat chopping Knife handle is made of natural Rosewood. The lines of Rosewood are clear, forming a natural pattern, which is very delicate and is very comfortable to grip for a long time. The Rosewood handle is very firm and resistant to corrosion and friction.Besides our Butcher Knife Ergonomic can be gripped tightly to slaughter, slice, boning. Our Butcher Knife hang buckle also is convenient to hang on the wall and does not occupy the kitchen space.
  • 🔪【The Unique Shape Design】The Butcher Knife special curve shape and forged trace design not only professional boning and slaughtering, also looks cool and has excellent balance. Our Butcher knife’s length is 12.9” and weight is 0.94 LB. It was about a little heavier than general kitchen knife, but no need to worry about the weight, the superbly balanced and the extra weight simply makes slaughtering,boning, cutting and dicing more pleasurable since the weight aids in handling animals’ meat.
  • 🎁【After Sell Service Guarantee】KITORY is committed to providing the consumer with the absolute best price and value on our entire line of products, which we ensure by applying a rigorous quality control process. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems about the product, we will solve your questions at 24h.
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