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Kitory Chef Knife 8 Inch Forged German High Carbon Steel With Gift Box

Kitory Chef Knife 8 Inch Forged German High Carbon Steel With Gift Box

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  • Kitory Chef Knife - 8 Inch Gyuto Chef Knife - Full Tang Pro Chef's Knife - Forged German High Carbon Steel - Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle-Gift Box - Metadrop Series
  • Multifunctional Chef Knife : Chef’s knives are as multi-purpose as it gets. They excel at smaller tasks like chopping herbs, julienning carrots, and mincing garlic as well as larger tasks like dicing a large onion, spatchcocking a chicken, and slicing a ham.
  • Rocking motion cutting technique:Its hallmark feature is a sharp edge that features a sloping curve. The curve of a chef’s knife allows you to execute this knife’s signature rocking motion cutting technique. The knife is designed to be rocked back and forth from tip to heel, with the item you intend to cut being placed in the middle.
  • The blade is made of German high carbon steel, with a Rockwell hardness of 58, strong corrosion resistance, precision vacuum heat treatment and nitrogen low temperature tempering during processing, with a sharp edge and amazing edge retention.
  • Unique handle design: the part of the handle close to the bolster is thick, and the part closer to the end of the handle is thinner, and the handle is also thick to thin from top to bottom. This not only increases the overall balance of the knife, but also makes it comfortable for both left- and right-handed users, relieving fatigue from prolonged use.
  • Ideal as a gift: our packaging is as delicate as gift packaging, so you can give it directly to someone without additional packaging. The position of the sponge fixed knife in the box will not cause accidental injury to others when unpacking, and the desiccant inside prevents rust after being placed in a humid environment for a long time.
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