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SELECT MASTER Super Heavy Duty Meat Cleaver Knife Extreme Thick Heavy Blade

SELECT MASTER Super Heavy Duty Meat Cleaver Knife Extreme Thick Heavy Blade

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  • SELECT MASTER Super Heavy Duty Meat Cleaver Knife Butcher Cutlery Extreme Thick Heavy Blade for Big Bone and Frozen Meat,A17-1
  • 【Professional Super Big &Heavy Duty Cleaver】 This 8-inch Large Meat Chopper Knife is the best choice to deal with your ingredients, such as vegetables, cartilage, and meat. The back of the blade is thick and the blade is thin, and the thick blade allows our wrists to produce a large force by striking with a small force, easily handle large pieces of food, and use it for a long time without fatigue. Suitable for professional chefs.
  • 【Thick and Super-Wide Stainless Steel 】This Super big Meat Cleaver blade is Vacuum heat treatment endows the steel with best mechanical property. 3-layer high quality clad stainless steel. 40Cr13 high carbon core steel performs excellent hardness, durability and sharpness maintaining. Outside layers of low carbon steel does well in toughness, corrosion resistance and plasticity. The combination of two steels makes the knife perfectly work.
  • 【Ultimate Sharp Blade Edge & Balanced Design】Ultra sharp blade edge design and well balance of this Heavy Duty Meat Cleaver knife, Non-stick coating avoid food sticking on the blade. Wire-drawing integrated full tang blade is more stable and safer. A strong and thick blade adds more force to the knife. A wide blade is able to smash garlic. The wide strong bolster is to avoid any harm to the finger in use.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】This 8" knife’s meticulous craftsmanship provides you the perfect shape and blade-to-handle weight distribution needed for well-balanced operation, preventing fatigue and cramp even in professional settings requiring extended sessions of use. It's that they are surprisingly safe. There's plenty of room to press your knuckles against the blade in the typical claw grip fashion.
  • 【Heavy but not suitable for hard bones】It is specially designed for the chef who uses the knife for a long time or the butcher with great strength. It with a pronounced blade forward balance. The weight of the knife allows you to cut faster with the minimum force. You can pass through the cartilage. Please do not use sharp blades for cutting hard bones, otherwise it will damage the blades.
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