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ZENG JIA DAO Meat Cleaver 8 Inch Full Tang With WengeWood Handle

ZENG JIA DAO Meat Cleaver 8 Inch Full Tang With WengeWood Handle

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  • ZENG JIA DAO Meat Cleaver - 8'' Butcher Knife - Hand Forged Chopping Knife - Full Tang High Carbon Steel WengeWood Handle - Easy Chopping/Cutting/Slicing at Home Kitchen in Restaurant & Market
  • 🎯【A Butcher's dream Knife】This is an absolutely stunning work of art and craftsmanship. The quality and weight of this meat cleaver is pretty insane, is extremely well made of top grade high carbon steel and matched perfectly to the stunning wood handle. The craftsmanship is superb. The price point for this cleaver is beyond fantastic for what you get! The chef in your life would truly appreciate such a fine cutting tool in their kitchen.
  • 🔪【5Cr15Mov High Carbon Steel】Due to the💎 high carbon content, the hardness after quenching can reach HRC58, which is hard and wear-resistant, and the meat cleaver is quite sharp and durable after sharpen manually with V-shape technology, it can keep edge extremely well for a long time. but its anti-rust ability will be weakened. Therefore, it is best to clean and dry the anti-rust immediately after each use.
  • 🔪【Beautifully Sharp Blade】The butcher knife is designed with exquisite dragon pattern, which is beautiful and make it more than a tool . And the sturdy blade of this cleaver knife passed multiple hand-grinding processes for an incredibly sharp cutting edge. 👍Ground in a double bevel to16°, the hand-sharpened edge is ready to go out of the box. is perfect for chopping chicken tiny bones, cutting meat, filleting fish and dicing vegetables.
  • 🔪【Unique design of the handle】Dragon-shaped and propitious clouds brass carvings on the handle🐲, which are symbols of good luck and fortune, also enhances the handholds touch to make the knife easy to hold.The non-slip full tang handle is dense and compact, deterring any water damages and avoiding splitting. Its superbly balance and weight simply makes the cutting more pleasure and powerful.
  • ✋【Why Choose Us?】Our meat cleaver adopted vacuum heated treatment and cooling treatment makes the blade really sharp and durable. Wonderful dragon-shaped brass carvings the will be a absolutely beautiful scenery in your kitchen.It is heavy enough to chop small bones easily, also you can use it slicing meat and vegetable. But don't use it to cut thick bones. With the wide blade, you can flatten garlic while also scooping up prepared ingredients and carrying them to the wok.
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