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ZENG JIA DAO Serbian Knife 7.5 Inch Full Tang High Carbon Steel

ZENG JIA DAO Serbian Knife 7.5 Inch Full Tang High Carbon Steel

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  • ZENG JIA DAO Serbian Chefs Knife - 7.5'' Butcher Knife for meat cutting - Forged Kitchen Chopping Knives - Vegetable and Meat Cleaver - Full Tang High Carbon Steel for home camping BBQ
  • 👍【A Knife Necessary for a Lazy Man】This knife is a cleaver because of its weight. It's heavy enough to killing an already dead chicken thigh(Don't use it to chop hard bone), and with the tapered point this knife is expected to handle delicate tasks like coring a tomato then chopping it into a nice dice. Or shaving this slices off a garlic clove. A Knife can resolve all kinds of kitchen taskes. The chef in your life would truly appreciate such a fine cutting tool in their kitchen.
  • 🔪【9Cr18Mov High Carbon Steel】Due to the💎 high carbon content, the hardness after quenching can reach HRC58, which is hard and wear-resistant, and it‘s quite sharp and durable after sharpen manually with V-shape technology, it can keep edge extremely well for a long time. but its anti-rust ability will be weakened. Therefore, it is best to clean and dry the anti-rust immediately after each use.
  • 🔪【Effort-Saving Design】This knife can save effort because the center of gravity moves forward when cutting. How the center of gravity moves forward? - First, the Intended Blade gives you a space for finger. Second, the Non-Slip Bolster can make sure safe and easy grip. Combining above two features, the strength of cutting will move forward on the front blade. So, you can cut meat or vegetables more easily. Also, the 63° knife tip help save effort when cutting onions and sausage.
  • 🔪【Non-Slip PakkaWood Handle】For the material, PakkaWood features non-slip, corrosion resistant and not easy to crack. For the design, the full-tang design guarantee a safe grip. It’s not easy to break. And the ergonomic handle supply a comfortable grip. The end of handle is adhered to the total blade, so it won’t fall off. Definitely a stylish and safe handle design.
  • 🎯【Why Choose Us?】Our cleaver adopted vacuum heated treatment and cooling treatment makes the blade really sharp and durable. superior material and forging process by hand make sure that this forged steel Serbian kitchen knife is suitable for cutting, slicing, dicing and mincing any vegetable or meat. Order this meat cleaver with your peace of mind assured thanks to its strong and lifelong warranty and ZENG JIA DAO's usual friendly customer service!
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